Life in SodomGerrie Brand : Male vocals Synth programming percussion.

Virginia Fuillerat : female vocals.

Daniel Heinze : Acoustic and electric guitars.

Other contributors:

Sean Chambers : Bass and Electric guitars.

Engin Saydam : Drums.

Looch : Keyboards , Piano , and Synth

Garrison Lebitt : Acoustic and electric Guitars.

Walter Staley : Acoustic and electric guitars.

Aaron Fishbein : Acoustic and electric guitars

Christopher Longo :Electric guitars

Vince Aka Scumptous bondage : Electric guitars.

Billy Marc : bass guitars.

David Chaskes : Sitar.

Looch : Keyboards.

Ramiro Jean Carlo [Fioritura] : Keyboards.

Bobby macIntyre : percussion / drums

Carlos Ruiz :bass guitar

John Mahoney : guitar

Michael Vullo : Drums

Special thanks Dj Baron Von Shock Mandy Sierra and Rudy Triana.